Butterfly Release

Posted on May 26, 2017

“Celebration of Life” Butterfly Release

Hosted by the Fairfield Glade Hospice Auxiliary, the “Celebration of Life” Butterfly Release is an annual event with all proceeds donated to the Hospice of Cumberland County’s Cumberland House 6-suite, in-patient facility. ¬†As a not-for-profit facility, donations and fundraising efforts enable the facility to offer services to all, regardless of ability to pay.

The “Celebration of Life” Butterfly Release is designed to remember lost loved ones and honor living loved ones in a ceremony of music, poetry and remembrance culminating in the release of live butterflies. The butterflies are sold to individuals and corporate entities with all profits donated to Cumberland House.

The butterflies are native to the area and, upon release, will make Crossville their habitat for life, thus adding to the wonderful ecosystem of Cumberland County.

Held in early June on the Cumberland County Courthouse lawn, the weather is typically mild and pleasant, lending a spirit of renewal to the event.

This uplifting event is annual in nature, please check back periodically for updates on scheduling and contact information.

“Celebration of Life” Butterfly Release 2017

The 7th Annual “Celebration of Life” Butterfly Release was record-breaking in the number of butterflies sold (more than 300) as well as the number of participants (over 150) attending the event. This year, a children’s table was added to allow them to color butterfly templates to share with family and friends.