Your Team

The Hospice of Cumberland County team includes premier physicians, nurses, certified nursing technicians, social workers, chaplains and volunteers who stand ready to assist in a multitude of ways.

  • Skilled and experienced physicians and nurses
  • Home Aides bringing additional comfort and care to our patients
  • Social workers will help navigate through the many challenges that arise
  • Chaplains will assist in the spiritual journey of the patient and loved ones
  • Trained volunteers will sit with the patient and allow care givers time to run errands or simply take a break

Executive Director
Ken Taylor
Medical Directors
Stephen Clark
Elizabeth Petty

Office Staff

Operations Manager
Ginny Dyer. LPN
Social Services Department
Christine Archer
Wendy Mullins
Volunteer Coordinator and Emergency Preparedness 
Kendra Taylor, LMSW
Patient Accounts/Billing
Jennifer Garrett, LPN
Medical Records/Compliance
Teresa Parker, LPN
Jerry Schubert

Nursing Staff

Dottie Anderson RN
Crystal Hawn RN
Donna Ogle RN
Mary Phelps RN
Pam Royko RN
Kathy Choate RN
Cheryl Cooper RN
Marcia DeLeonard RN
Jennifer Dodd RN
Charlene Jaranko RN
Yvette Lawrence RN
Sharon Parker RN
Glora  Tartaglia RN
Shirley Wyatt RN

Paula Szaflarski RN

Robyn Smith RN

Ava Rudolph RN

Jimmie Mae Brass LPN
Krystle Hawley LPN
Ginny Dyer LPN
Jennifer Garrett LPN
Teresa Parker LPN
Sherry White LPN
Rachel Richardson LPN

Thelma Winningham CNT
Renee’ Juliani CNT
Sharon Music CNT
Melissa Pryor CNT
Karen Schubert CNT